Statement by the National Network of Sex Workers India in response to Equality Now

NNSW India
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The National Network of Sex Workers India responds to a new campaign to further criminalise sex workers. In their statement, they criticise the conflation of sex work with trafficking, and reiterate the NNSW-India's support of the UN's commitment to sex workers' rights.

They state, "Sex work organisations do not equate sex work with trafficking or sexual exploitation, which are clear human rights abuses and crimes. A deliberate conflation only results in an analysis that hurts all women whether in sex work or not. Sex work is work, and sex workers are neither criminals nor victims."

They further note, "In many instances the anti- trafficking discourse has emerged as a convenient mechanism of restricting the migration of women - especially third world women into the first world."

You can download this three page PDF resource above. This resource is in English.