STOPAIDS publishes position paper supporting decriminalisation of sex work

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STOPAIDS, a network of civil society organisations campaigning for UK leadership in the global response to HIV and AIDS, has published a new position paper supporting the decriminalisation of sex work. The policy is the result of work with its 70-strong membership over a two year period, and aims to build support among STOPAIDS members for a sex work legal framework that protects the human rights of sex workers. 

The paper highlights sex workers' right to live free from violence, right to earn a secure income and right to the highest attainable standard of health, in line with NSWP's Consensus Statement, and outlines how criminalisation negatively impacts sex workers' human rights. It also includes information on the impact of decriminalisation on international development policies and programmes that work with or impact sex workers, particularly aimed towards STOPAIDS members. This section uses information from the Sex Worker Implementation Tool (SWIT) and includes recommendations for programmatic work. 

You can read the full policy on the STOPAIDS website, or on the NSWP website here