Spanish Government moves to introduce Nordic Model to "eradicate" sex work


Spanish media has reported that the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) is drafting new legislation to criminalise the purchase of sex, known as the 'Nordic Model'. They have reported that the proposed Bill is an attempt to "eradicate prostitution". The legislation is in preliminary stages, and is expected to be taken forward next year. 

Currently sex work is not explicitly criminalised in Spain, but local authorities can issue fines for activities such as soliciting. El País reports that proposed legislation may also criminalise people who rent spaces 'for exploitation', likely criminalising third party activities which often forces sex workers to compromise their safety. The report says that legislation will ensure women who sell sex are "never penalised", despite evidence that sex workers experience increased harm under the same model in other countries

Recently the Prime Minister tweeted "Prostitution in Spain isn't legal and this government won't support any organisation that includes this illicit activity", following the decision to ban a sex worker-led union from officially registering