Eliminating Violence Against Sex Workers

Thematic Task Team on Eliminating Violence Against Sex Workers
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In their work and lives, sex workers experience disproportionate levels of violence including police abuse, sexual assault, rape, harrassment, extortion, and abuse from clients, agents (pimps), sex establishment owners, intimate partners, local residents, and public authorities.  Violence against sex workers is a violation of their human rights, and increases sex workers' vulnerability to HIV.

This paper outlines priority issues that need to be addressed, including:

  • Perceptions of Sex Work impacting Sex Workers' Vulnerability to Violence and HIV
  • Perpetrators of Violence against Sex Workers
  • Preventing and Addressing Violence against Sex Workers

The paper also identifies the immediate and long terms actions required.

This paper is one in a series of 4 thematic discussion papers developed in preparation for the 1st Asia and the Pacific Regional Consultation on HIV and Sex Work, 12-15 October 2010, in Pattaya, Thailand.

This resource is in English. You can download this 5 page .pdf file above.