The Challenge of Change: A Study of Canada's Criminal Prostitution Laws

Art Hanger and John Maloney
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The Challenge of Change is a collaborative report of the Standing Committe on Justice and Human Rights and the Subcommittee on Solicitation Laws in Canada.

This document contains:

  • The Subcommitee's approach
  • Mandate and review process
  • Structure of the report
  • Prostitution in Canada
  • What do we know about the scope of prostitution?
  • What do we know about the people who sell sexual services?
  • Drug abuse and prostitution
  • Health of prostitutes
  • Shared experience: violence
  • What do we know about clients of prostitution?
  • What do we know about pimps and and people who live off the avails of prostitution?
  • What is the role of organized crime in prostitution?
  • What do we know about trafficking in persons (and illegal migration) for the purposes of prostitution?
  • Prostitution and its effects on women and communities in general
  • Harmful effects of street prostitution
  • Various experiences of communities in Canada and the different approaches adopted by communities to counter the negative effects of street prostitution
  • The legal response to prostitution
  • Impact of criminal laws concerning prostitution
  • Negative effects of criminalizing prostitution-related activities
  • Positive effects of criminalization
  • Models for reform: evidence from other countries
  • Taking consensual adult prostitution out of the criminal context
  • Difficulties in achieving consensus: recommendations and conclusions

This resource is a 139 page PDF, available in English.