Global Working Group on HIV and Sex Work Policy Inputs to UNAIDS Guidance Note 2007 – September 2007


This Guidance Note addresses the urgent need to provide and increase access to HIV programming for sex workers of all genders, HIV positive or negative. The Millennium Development Goals such as girls education, gender equality and poverty reduction, form the background contextual setting for this document. This Guidance Note will assist UN agencies and UNAIDS country programmes to develop sex work and HIV policy and services that are in line with governments commitments to improve their response to HIV/ AIDS, and with the ultimate objective of moving towards Universal Access to comprehensive prevention, treatment, care and support by 2010.

Specifically, this report details:

  • Reducing vulnerabilities and addressing structural issues
  • Reducing risk to HIV infection
  • Building supportive environments and expanding choices

You can download this 11 page PDF resource above. This resource is in English.