Sex Work: 14 Answers to Your Questions

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This booklet has been produced for the “Sex work: Everything you always wanted to know but never dared to ask!” training project. It answers questions that people who are unfamiliar with sex work might have about sex workers, rights, and realities.

This document includes:

  • Why use the term sex work instead of prostitution?
  • What do sex workers do?
  • Why do sex workers do this work?
  • Is prostitution legal in Canada?
  • What do sex workers agree or refuse to do?
  • Are sex workers under the control of pimps?
  • Do sex workers have a love life?
  • Do sex workers discuss their work with their friends and family?
  • Have sex workers been sexually abused during their childhood?
  • Do sex workers use drugs?
  • Are sex workers vulnerable to HIV?
  • What impact does sex work have on the health of sex workers?
  • What do sex workers need?
  • How to better intervene with sex workers?

You can download this 10 page PDF resource above. This resource is in English.