CEDAW Shadow Report on the Situation of Women who use Drugs, Women Living with HIV, Sex Workers, and Lesbian, Bisexual Women and Transgender People in Ukraine


NSWP Member Legalife-Ukraine, in collaboration with civil society organisations representing women drug users, LGBT communities, and women living with HIV in Ukraine, submitted this shadow report to to the 66th CEDAW Session. The shadow report documents discrimination against these communities by police, medical, and social service institutions. It also documents legal discrimination.

The report provides detailed information of laws criminalising sex work, drug use, and people living with HIV, how these laws are enforced, and the human rights abuses stemming from policing, criminalisation and stigma. The report also offers recommendations to address these human rights abuses.

The report focuses on:

  • Criminalisation and administrative penalties of drug use, HIV transmission, and sex work
  • Violence from law enforcement and other state institutions
  • Violation of the right to parent
  • Violation of reproductive rights, including forced sterilisation
  • Stigma, discrimination, and forced disclosure of HIV status

This is a good example of a CEDAW shadow report and is be useful for sex worker organisations looking for guidance on submissions. It also provides in-depth details on the human rights situation of sex workers and overlapping communities in the Ukraine.

You can download the 17 page PDF above. This resource is available in English.