SWAN Response to UN Women Consultation


The Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy Network for Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (SWAN) have submitted the following response to the UN Women consultation on "sex work, sex trade, and prostitution." They voice concerns regarding the limited possibility for sex workers to take part in an internet-based consultation. Many sex worker groups have limited or no access to internet and are not familiar with the language used in the consultation. This excludes and discourages many sex workers living in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to take part in this consultation and share their voices and views. SWAN uses their publication Failures of Justice: State and Non-State Violence Against Sex Workers to answer the three questions asked by UN Women. 

In addition to this response, NSWP has published a response to UN Women's online consultation here and has developed a draft framework for a UN Women human rights affirming approach to sex work in response to a UN women e-consultation. NSWP is also petitioning UN Women to meaningfully consult sex workers in the development of their policy.

You can download this 4 page PDF above. This submission is available in English.