The Global Fund at a Crossroads: Informing advocacy in human rights, support to middle-income countries, and access to medicines

Open Society Foundations
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In April 2015, the Open Society Foundations organised a meeting of experts and advocates concerned about the future of The Global Fund, particularly in the areas of preserving support to important programs in middle-income countries and the role of The Global Fund in supporting access to medicines. The two papers, presented at the meeting, discuss and critique The Global Fund's funding strategies. The meeting report summarises the conclusions of the meeting.

The 14-page 'Access to Medicines' background paper discusses the changing approach of The Global Fund towards access to medicines.

The 28-page 'Solidarity Sidelined: Is there a future for  human rights - driven development  assistance for health at the Global Fund?' discussion paper takes a closer look at how strategies relate to The Global Fund's commitment country-driven approach and discusses the impact of its new funding model.

The 21-page 'The Global Fund at a Crossroads: Informing advocacy on Global Fund efforts  in human  rights, support to middle - income  countries, and access to medicines' meeting report describes the key conclusions of the meeting.

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