Speak Up! Guide to Strategic Media Tools and Tactics to Amplify the Voices of People in the Sex Trades

Red Umbrella Project
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This publication shares information, skills, and tactics for engaging with the media for those who want to achieve better and more effective media representation of sex workers. The guide is geared toward people who are interested in engaging with media because they want to make an impact  – both in the ways sex workers are represented and in the institutional structures that negatively impact sex workers lives.

Contents include:

  • Reactive Media: Most Frequent Subjects of Stories about the Sex Industry
  • Earned Media: Tactics to get the Issues you Care About Covered in the Media
  • Managing Reactive and Earned Media: Making a Media Team
  • Crafting your Message
  • The Request, the reporter and the interview

You can download this 35-page PDF above. This resource is in English.