Doces Para Sempre-SW

Who do you work with?

Le Groupe Doces Para Sempre travaille avec les FemmesTravailleuses du sexe, les clients, les gerants de bordels, les amies et leurs familles.
The group Doces Para Sempre works with female sex workers, theirs clients, brothel managers, friends and families.

How are sex workers involved in your organisation?

Les Travailleuses de Sexe sont impliquées dans la gestion du groupe, elles occupent tout les postes de direction, elles participent dans la prise des decisions, dans le planifications des activités, dans la mobilisations des outres travailleuses de sexe et dans l'implementations des activités
All management and executive positions are occupied by sex workers, they take part in decision-making, in the planning of activities, in the mobilisation of other sex workers and in the implementation of activities.

Which of NSWP priority areas does your organisation work on?
Oppose the criminalisation and other legal oppression of sex work and support its recognition as work
Critique the trafficking paradigm that conflates representations of sex work, migration, and mobility
Advocate for universal access to health services, including primary health care, HIV and sexual and reproductive health services
Speak out about violence against sex workers, including violence from police, institutions, clients, and intimate partners, while challenging the myth that sex work is inherently gender-based violence
Oppose human rights abuses, including coercive programming, mandatory testing, raids and forced rehabilitation
Challenge stigma and discrimination against sex workers, their families and partners, and others involved in sex work
Advocate for the economic empowerment and social inclusion of sex workers as sex workers
What are the two main challenges that the sex workers you work with face

Les deux principaux problemes que nous rencontrons sont: stigme et discrimination, accées limité au services de la santé, violence contre les travaileuses de sexe para la police
The two main problems we face are: stigmatisation and discrimination, limited access to health services, police violence against sex workers.

Describe other areas of your work

Defense de droits de Travailleuse de sexe, Santé sexualle et reproductive, VIH e TB, Realiser le plaidoyé pour changer les politiques et les comportements de la population.
Advocacy for sex workers’ rights, sexual and reproductive health, HIV and TB, advocacy work to change policies and public behaviour.