New Zealand (Aotearoa)

NSWP has published seven national case studies on how laws actually work on the streets, you can access the New Zealand (Aotearoa) case study below:

How Sex Work Laws are Implemented on the Ground and Their Impact on Sex Workers: Aotearoa New Zealand Case Study

Is selling sex criminalised?
Is buying sex criminalised?
Is organising/managing criminalised?
Is there mandatory HIV/STI testing?
Is there mandatory registration?
If sex work is regulated, is it in line with other work, or are the regulations unfair or overly restrictive?
Sex work regulation is very much in line with other forms of businesses and is not overly onerous or restrictive
Is sex work recognised as work?
Is sex work decriminalised with limited regulation?
Sources/further reading
Extra info
New Zealand has fully decriminalised sex work and extended to sex workers the labour law and human rights protections available to all other workers. New Zealand continues to prohibit migrants who are on temporary work visas from working in the sex industry. This discriminatory measure means that migrant sex workers are at risk of deportation and do not benefit from the legal and social protections extended to sex workers who are citizens of New Zealand.
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