Is selling sex criminalised?
Selling sex is not illegal under the Penal Code and there are no associated activities that are explicitly criminalised.
Is buying sex criminalised?
Is organising/managing criminalised?
Yes there are laws in the criminal code against the 'promotion of prostitution' (Article 167), organisation of brothels (Article 167) and involvement or coercion in 'prostitution' (Article 166).
What other laws are used disproportionately against sex workers?
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Is there mandatory HIV/STI testing?
Mandatory testing outlawed from 2003 but still happening in practice, especially as part of police crackdowns.
Is there mandatory registration?
Is sex work recognised as work?
Is sex work decriminalised with limited regulation?
Extra info
Although selling sex is not illegal under the Penal Code, sex workers are targetted by the authorities using administrative offences that are not directly related to sex work. After a recent change in the law, the new petty hooliganism offence (Article 119 of the Code of Minor Offences) can be used to target sex workers. Local contacts confirm, however, that this is more difficult to apply due to some procedures to be carried out by inquiry bodies, and this creates obstacles for police officers. So it is being used less against sex workers. Nevertheless, the police use sex workers' lack of knowledege on the law to routinely harrass and extort money from them.
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