UNAIDS PCB Meeting in Geneva

Global Network of Sex Work Projects
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Date: June 25

UNAIDS PCB met in Geneva on June 25, 2007 and the APNSW spearheaded efforts with NGOs to demonstrate the ways that the proposed UNAIDS Guidance on Sex Work violated UN human rights documents.

Andrew Hunter wrote:

"UNFPA agree that this needs to be re-written quickly, with the views of sex workers and organisations who work with sex workers taken into account. They also agreed with my idea that we include a legal person who has knowledge of the UN Human Rights Instruments so we can ensure that a final guidance is in line with UN human rights obligations and does not contain contradictory language and programme guidance. ... For me this was a fantastic example of all the sex worker networks coming together, being supported by other relevant organisations and coordinating with the NGO PCB representatives. What was important at the meeting was that we had done our background work and knew all the relevant treaty references and were able to cite examples of evidence to show that many of the recommended programmes in the UNAIDS guidance would not work or were inconsistent with human rights principles and evidence based programming as espoused in other UNAIDS policies."

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