Making Sex Work Safe in Asia-Pasifika: Recommendations

Asia-Pacific Network of Sex Workers
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Making Sex Work Safe in Asia-Pasifika
Langkawe, October 2002


  1. Local sex worker groups be involved in implementing the resource MSWS-A.P
  2. That sex workers run their own groups and projects
  3. To support the involvement and empowerment of more HIV+ sex workers in APNSW and local groups
  4. The APNSW needs to receive support (including funding) for it to grow and fulfil the needs of sex workers in the region.
  5. That we develop country and sub-regional networks of sex workers within APNSW
  6. APNSW co-ordinate a regional campaign against discriminatory policing practices directed at sex workers, their families, their workplaces and homes.
  7. Improve communication among sex workers at all levels in the A>P region
  8. Work to improve quality, supply and design of female and male condoms
  9. For sex workers to be included in policy making and that we try to work more closely with policy makers.
  10. Work on issues relating to 100% condom use
  11. Support and training visits and exchange programmes be used more often — also for MSWS-A.P
  12. More support for cultural programmes at larger conferences be provided
  13. Community Groups (sex workers and others) need to make recommendations for input to Kobe conference
  14. We discuss and work to improve working conditions for sex workers
  15. Work for stronger solidarity among sex workers in the region
  16. That APNSW have more contact with other regional networks of sex workers — eg. with Europe (especially around Russian speaking Asia)
  17. That transgender sex workers are more involved at all levels of networks in the region
  18. We work to improve language diversity in APNSW and other international networks
  19. We work to include and involve sex workers from Pasifika
  20. We work to include and involve sex workers' children and partners
  21. We explore having a regional and a global sex workers' Mela
  22. Establish sex workers workers' study and research projects so sex workers can look into health issues and working conditions in all countries of the region that we work to involve more countries in our networks and meetings
  23. Good practice guidelines can be drawn up from this meeting and implemented as another project
  24. In our groups and networks we support new members and younger sex workers to become activists in our groups and networks. (e.g mentoring)
  25. We look at issues for drug using sex workers in our countries and the region, and involve more drug users who are sex workers in the network
  26. We need improved funding and more political will to achieve health rights for sex workers
  27. Khartini gets an assistant (but not too glamorous)
  28. We should rotate meetings in different countries in the region to support local sex workers and their groups
  29. We follow up this conference with continues networking — including APNSW listserve
  30. We call ILO ( and International Council for Worker's health) to recognise sex work as work.
  31. We work with IOM on sex work and migration issues
  32. Collect and send information on advocacy work to all member groups and look into advocacy training

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