Smart Sex Worker’s Guide to Decent Work


In most countries, sex workers are subject to exploitative and often unsafe working conditions, and don’t benefit from the same labour regulations and protections as other workers. This smart guide sets out how sex work fits within international labour standards, and in particular the Decent Work Agenda. It is intended as a tool for sex workers’ rights organisations to use when campaigning for labour rights as fundamental to sex workers’ rights in their respective countries.

Contents include:

  • Background: Sex Work as Work and the Decent Work Agenda
  • The challenges in advocating for sex work as decent work
  • Best practice initiatives promoting decent sex work
    • Health insurance and sick pay for sex workers in France
    • Can Do Bar – a workplace for sex workers by sex workers
    • Aotearoa New Zealand Sex Workers’ Collective’s New Workers’ Kit
    • Kylie vs. CCMA and Others
    • Work Health and Safety Guidelines for Sex Workers
    • ILO – Work in Freedom Programme
  • Recommendations for Sex Workers’ Rights Organisations & Allies
  • Conclusion

You can download this Smart Guide above. It is available in English, Russian, Chinese, French, and Spanish. A Community Guide is also available.