Smart Sex Worker’s Guide to Decriminalisation


This Smart Guide provides an overview of existing sex work legal models and details the processes that have been used to develop legislative models that respect and protect sex workers’ human and labour rights. It aims to provide sex workers’ rights organisations with ideas and strategies that they can adapt to their own legal framework and context, to use in their advocacy and campaigning in their own countries. It also highlights the learning and best practices from both New Zealand and Australia, as well as the potential challenges and pitfalls involved in pursuing a decriminalisation advocacy strategy.

Contents include:

  • Summary of existing sex work legal models
    • Criminalisation
    • Legalisation
    • Depenalisation
    • Decriminalisation
  • Case Studies
    • New South Wales, Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Northern Territory, Australia
  • Key strategies sex workers are using to advocate for decriminalisation
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusion

You can download this 32-page Smart Guide above. It is available in English, Russian, Chinese, French, and Spanish. A Community Guide is also available.