Purchasing Sexual Services in Sweden and the Netherlands Legal Regulation and Experiences

Working Group on the legal regulation of the purchase of sexual services
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On 8 October 2004 the report on The Purchase of Sexual Services in Sweden and the Netherlands. Regulation and Experiences. A Report from the Working Group on the Legal Regulation of the Purchase of Sexual Services was handed over to Odd Einer Dorum, the Norwegian Minister of Justice and Police Affairs The report was published in the Ministry of Justice and Police Affairs report seres for the year 2004.

The Norwegian version of the report runs to 140 pages with 11 chapters. This English version of the report is a substantially abbrevated version of the official report. Three chapters have been selected for English-speaking readers: the original Chapter 3 on conditions in Sweden (here Chapter 2); the original Chapter 4 on conditions in the Netherlands (here Chapter 3); and the original summary Chapter 8 (here CHapter 4). This version starts with a brief introduction to the group's terms of reference and its composition (here Chapter 1).

Contents include:

  • Terms of Reference and the Group's Composition
  • Sweden: street prostitution, the indoor market, age, violence, Law on the Prohibition of Sexual Services, experiences of those selling sexual services, experience from the police and enforcement in Sweden
  • The Netherlands: the Dutch reality, on the regulaiton of the Law on the Purchase of Sex and Prostitution in the Netherlands, experience of those selling sexual services, experience from the police and enforcement in the Netherlands, welfare measures, the Dutch evaluation of the legalisation
  • Summaries: the regulating model, adjustments to the law or other measures, egal rgulation, results, has the social problem been solved?
  • Literature: Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, UN Documents

You can download this 62 page PDF resource above. This resource is in English.