Policy Brief: Sex Workers and Travel Restrictions


Sex workers face many barriers to migration and travel, and are often subjected to arbitrary questioning, biased visa refusals and surveillance and discriminatory immigration checks after entering a country. Sex workers’ movement can also be restricted under measures purporting to be ‘anti-trafficking’. Travel restrictions can create a great deal of stress for sex workers, and some sex workers avoid travel altogether because they are afraid of being denied entry, deported or of being identified as a sex worker. Barriers to sex workers’ mobility also make it harder for them to engage with civil society and political spaces, and impede their right to associate and organise.

This Policy Brief explores the travel restrictions faced by sex workers, and how these intersect with other barriers, such as discrimination against individuals from low-income, Global South countries.

You can download this 14-page resource above. This resource is available in English, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. A Community Guide is available here.