Monitoring the roll-out of the SWIT


NSWP has published a new series of tools for sex worker-led organisations, to monitor the rollout of the Sex Worker Implementation Tool (SWIT) and meaningful involvement of sex workers in their countries. The tools are designed to highlight gaps and provide information to support sex worker-led organisations advocacy for the implementation of comprehensive rights-based services in their country.

LINKAGES/UNDP contracted NSWP to develop and pilot a community-led evaluation framework to evaluate the rollout of the SWIT and a framework for assessing meaningful involvement of sex workers in policy development and programming. A Global Expert Meeting was organised in Ukraine in 2017, and NSWP and partners have since developed a series of tools on the process.

NSWP has published a series of tools on this process, which you can download above:

  • Global Expert Meeting Report
  • Community-led evaluation framework
  • Global report with findings from the evaluation in 4 countries (Indonesia, Kenya, Suriname, Ukraine).

These resources are available in English, French, Russian and Spanish. The community led evaluation framework is available in Chinese.