APNSW Response to UN Women Consultation


The Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW) submitted the following letter to UN Women outlining their concerns about the lack of meaningful consultation with sex workers as they develop their policy on sex work. According to APNSW Management Team and Secretariat, UN Women have not held any major consultations with sex workers in the Asia Pacific region. They urge UN Women to organise a meaningful consultation with sex workers to ensure the policy is informed by the experiences of sex workers in the region. In addition to this letter, APNSW submitted a response to the UN Women online consultation on "sex work, sex trade, and prostitution". 

Contents of their submission include:

  • Background
  • Context
  • Critical reading
  • Sustainable Development Goals "Agenda 2030"
  • SDG's - gender equality and the empowerment of young women and girls
  • Multiple dimensions of gender; right to be free from violence, stigma and discrimination

In addition to this response, NSWP has published a response to UN Women's online consultation here and has developed a draft framework for a UN Women human rights affirming approach to sex work in response to a UN women e-consultation. NSWP is also petitioning UN Women to meaningfully consult sex workers in the development of their policy.

You can download this 2 page and 5 page PDF above. This letter and submission is available in English.