International AIDS Conferent 2010 Report


In July 2010, sex workers and allies from nearly 40 countries, gathered at the 18th International AIDS Conference. "We carried red umbrellas everywhere we went, and demanded that funders, policy makers, researchers, and other organisations recognise and support the human rights of sex workers." This report gives an overview of the sex work-related activities during the conference.

Contents include:

  • Pre-meeting for sex workers and allies
  • Highlights of IAC 2010
  • The morning session
  • The afternoon session
  • Side events
  • Awards for sex work projects
  • Some of the presentations by sex workers & activists
  • Denying sex workers HIV funds
  • Global Village activities by sex workers & activists
  • First DASPU fashion show in Europe brings models from 17 countries
  • The NSWP networking zone
  • The NSWP marketplace
  • Media coverage of sex workers' activities
  • NSWP Smart Guide
  • Outlook: IAC 2012 in Washington

You can download this 12-page PDF above. This resource is available in English only.