Europe Regional Report: Good Practice in Sex Worker-Led HIV Programming

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The role of this report is to highlight the contribution of four sex worker-led organisations in developing and advancing an evidence-based and comprehensive response to HIV:
  • Tais Plus from Kyrgyzstan,
  • STAR STAR from Macedonia,
  • Rose Alliance from Sweden, and
  • Silver Rose from the Russian Federation. 

Undoubtedly, those community-based organisations exist in diverse social environments – respectively, Central Asia, Central, Western, and Eastern Europe – each of which constitutes a unique milieu for sex work and collective action. Definitely, they face various structural, ideological, and funding challenges, and use different means (or even media) to accomplish their goals and to respond to the most urgent needs of the sex workers’ communities they represent and work with. These four sex worker collectives were chosen for this report because they are all strongly involved in providing their communities with the best attainable HIV programming and undertake great efforts to reduce sex workers’ vulnerability to HIV. Their interventions, actions, and projects are presented here as good practices of community-led HIV programming, illustrating the great work being done by and for sex workers in the European region.

You can download this resource as a 41 page PDF above. This resource is in English.