Respect QLD workshops for sex workers: Chinese language version

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This workshop, from sex worker-led organisation Respect Inc, in Queensland, Australia, is a very thorough introduction to a wide range of issues relevant to sex workers - particularly those working in Queensland, Australia, due to this resources' discussion of the legal situation there, but also for sex workers more generally in terms of issues like safer sex, negotiating boundaries, emotional well-being, and safety tips.

This resource discusses (but is not limited to): safer sex, including female condoms, PEP, and dental dams, sex toys, and checking a client; tips for working when on your period; STIs; emotional wellbeing strategies; negotiation tips and safety strategies; sexual violence; finance, tax, and bookkeeping; discrimination; 'what's legal and what's not?', and sexual health duty of care.

You can download this 19 page PDF resource above. This resource is in Chinese.