КОНСЕНСУСНОЕ ЗАЯВЛЕНИЕ НСВП по вопросам секс-работы, прав человека и законодательства - РЕЗЮМЕ

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Following a global consultation with members, the NSWP Consensus Statement reaffirms NSWP ’s
global advocacy platform for sex work, human rights and the law. The Consensus Statement is issued on behalf of NSWP members and the sex workers they represent including sex workers of all genders, class, race, ethnicity, health status, age, nationality, citizenship, language, education levels, disabilities, and many other factors.

The statement covers eight rights:

  • The right to associate and organise;
  • The right to be protected by the law;
  • The right to be free from violence;
  • The right to be free from discrimination;
  • The right to privacy, and freedom from arbitrary interference;
  • The right to health;
  • The right to move and migrate; and
  • The right to work and free choice of employment

You can download this 12 page PDF document above. This resource is in Russian.

NSWP would like to thank Yuliya Roach (Rustic Crow Translations) for providing the Russian translation of this document.

НСВП выражает благодарность Юлии Роуч (Rustic Crow Translations)за перевод данного документа на русский язык.