Infographic: Economic Empowerment for Sex Workers


This infographic summarises the Briefing Paper: Economic Empowerment for Sex Workers.

The criminalisation of sex work creates a range of barriers for sex workers when it comes to accessing their economic rights. Sex workers face overlapping and mutually reinforcing risks, such as social marginalisation, violence and poor health, which restrict the ability of sex workers to improve their living and working conditions and to achieve economic security. Furthermore, sex workers commonly report a lack of access to bank accounts, saving schemes, loans and legal forms of credit, insurance, pensions, and other basic employment benefits.

NSWP infographics are tools for sex workers' advocacy worldwide. They contain images created by Molly Hankinson.

You can download this infographic above in English, and it is also available in French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. A print-friendly version is also available above if you would like to print the infographics as a short A5 booklet on A4 paper.

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