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Laure McElroy and Carol Leigh of the San Francisco Bay Area Sex Worker Film & Arts FestivalCarol Leigh, aka Scarlot Harlot, the bold and pioneering sex work activist, artist, author and performer, died last m
2 December 2022
NSWP Board of Directors wishes to announce the retirement of Ruth Morgan Thomas as of 31 December 2022, and is pleased to welcome Jules Kim, current Chief Executive Officer of Scarlet Alliance and Chair of Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers, who will join the NSWP Secretariat as incoming Global Coordinator as of 1 January 2023. The Board wishes to thank Ruth for her perseverance and tireless efforts in promoting the human rights of sex workers.
13 October 2022
Sex Worker Pride began in 2019 and is an opportunity to celebrate and share stories of sex workers’ self-determination and the achievements of the sex worker rights movement. Sex Worker Pride extends to all marginalised by criminalisation, discrimination and stigma across the sex worker movement and celebrates the diversity within our community. NSWP members celebrated Sex Worker Pride 2022 on 14 September with in-person events, digital events, and sharing achievements across social media and online networks. Africa
15 September 2022

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Sex workers all over the world were among the hardest hit communities at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to be impacted by this global public health crisis. The structural oppression that sex workers faced before the pandemic as a result of criminalisation, stigma and discrimination was exacerbated as sex workers experienced hardship, a total loss of income, increased harassment, human rights abuses, and health inequalities. The vast majority of sex workers were excluded from emergency responses and national social protection schemes.
21 November 2022
In recent years, movements organised against the rights of marginalised and criminalised groups have grown in influence and impact around the globe. Anti-migrants’ rights groups have lobbied for more restrictive border policies, in violation of the right to move and migrate. Anti-sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and anti-LGBT groups have pushed back access to sexual and reproductive services and gender-affirming care for women, trans, and gender-diverse people, in violation of the right to health.
15 November 2022
This infographic summarises the Smart Sex Worker’s Guide to Community-led Responses to COVID-19.
7 November 2022